Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Reunion Weekend

Grantie came home to visit for Easter!  It was a perfect weekend.  We did some shopping, ate lots of good food, and celebrated Easter together.  We took a few pictures but the settings on the camera were a little wonky so they're mediocre at best.  

One night we headed to the Gaylord Texan, a huge, fabulous hotel in Grapevine.  Instead of paying the $10 for parking we parked about a mile away in the neighborhood by our church and walked over.  

On hotel ground they have a vineyard and lots of cool landscaping with fountains & such.

Here is a view of the pool.  We didn't sneak our swimming suits in :)

Baby bumpin it. 28 weeks.

Inside the giant atrium there are a few restaurants.  Again, the camera wasn't quite cooperating (read: we don't know how to work it...) so we only got a few pictures:

But Grant did manage to snap this lovely picture:

We had dinner at a lovely little Mexican restaurant on the "riverwalk" inside the hotel atrium.  We were serenaded by the mariachi band and Grant translated "La Cucaracha" for me...  "The cockroach can't walk anymore because he doesn't have his back two legs."  Lovely.  I'll have to look up the history on that one so I'm not so disgusted...

The next day we thought we'd check out the new Legoland at Grapevine Mills Mall.

The line was well over an hour, so we just took pictures with the Lego statues instead.  Real classy.

And now Grantie is gone... again.  He's actually in Chicago this week doing some training for his new job at Fidelity- pretty sweet.  

Only THREE more weeks of this exciting long distance marriage.  The Texas spring, or rather, summer storms have arrived, bringing golf-ball sized hail, tornado sirens, and nasty, nasty humidity.  What a good time to move to Colorado!!


Jill said...

AH we miss you guys! Your belly is adorable. So happy you get to reunite soon, that must be miserable! Congrats on finishing up your degree. We are thinking about planning a trip to Denver sometime in August so we can meet this little man. Hopefully!

Bryson and Tara said...

I'm glad you were able to see each other for a weekend and that your separation is almost over! You look great.

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