Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Will is a great sleeper.  An awesome sleeper.  It makes me happy.

But Will is a horrible go-to-sleeper.  I would like to say I've gotten used to his pre-bed screaming... but it would be a lie.

I'm not sure whether it makes me really sad, or just down right tired.  Probably a combo.

Okay.  Pity session... over.


B&K said...

I'm so sorry! It really is the worst sound in the world:-( You definitely deserve a pity session. It'll get better, promise. Anyways- You're such an amazing Mom!! I love all the posts on Will and can't wait to see more pics soon!

Anonymous said...

Ethan was the same way. Every night about an hour before bed time he would start crying, but once he was a sleep he would sleep great. Sometimes I would put him in the car and drive around to try to avoid the hour of screaming. It helped most of the time. Good luck, he will out grow it. Promise!


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