Monday, October 31, 2011

Um, Yes. I'd like a Small Rainbow.

A small rainbow snocone, that is!  Leslie helped me make a killer snocone costume for little Will.  We covered a hat with colored felt and made a white cone out of felt as well.  Then I cut holes for his legs (a stressful scissors moment).

We attended the ward trunk-or-treat.  To get candy for Will... that I am now eating.  

Since Will can't eat it, it's only fair that I eat it all so he can taste it second hand, nursing... right?

It was pretty chilly outside so snocone boy needed a blanket.

Unfortunately, without the cone, he looks like a Hot Dog on a Stick employee...

Well, at least he looked like the cutest Hot Dog on a Stick employee ever...

I'm excited for trick-or-treating tonight.  There are still plenty of candy bars Will hasn't tasted yet... 


Shawn and Nina Olsen said...

What a clever and cute costume idea! Will looks to darn cute too! Hope all is well Kels! Love you!

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