Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lone Star Park

Last week some of our best friends, the Mallory's moved away to Washington.  Before they took off we went on one last outing.  We headed to Lone Star Park in Grand Prairie.  

The races are every twenty minutes or so.  Everybody sits around, eats food, and bets on horses in between.  You pick Win, Place or Show (1st, 2nd or 3rd).  If the horse places where you picked or higher, then you win.  

It was a fun, laid back atmosphere.  And then when the race began, everyone would stand up and watch.  The races were all short that day; only 400 feet or so (or 400 yards?  or meters?  or horselengths?... I don't know)

You can't tell in these pictures but the horses kick up dirt way up into the air.  That was my favorite part... the flinging dirt...  Hah

We went up front to steal a look at one of the races up close.

There weren't too many people there so we didn't have to fight for space so that was nice.

Logan put about two dollars on a horse and we took a classic Logan picture.  Don't believe me?  Look here or here.

This little guy (did I tell you the jockeys are little?!) was picked to win.  

So we watched at the horses got to their gates.

And there's number two!  Right in front where he was picked to be.

Oh and see that pink one... yep, that's the one we picked.  Whoops.

When asked why I knew so much about horse races my only excuse was Hoyle Casino, the computer game that also taught me how to play poker :)


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