Monday, October 18, 2010

In all Fairness....

It's October.  Hooray!  October means that the weather is cooling off and a few of the leaves are attempting (however unsuccessfully) to change color.  Also, in Texas, October means the State Fair! 

We didn't go last year but decided we couldn't miss out on all the fried goodness two years in a row!

I oft profess my love for the Western Idaho Fair.  It's a down-home classic with sentimental value that I'll never leave behind.  However, the Texas State Fair is another animal all together.  Fair park covers 277 acres and it is estimated that over 3 million people visit the fair every year.  That's twice as many people than currently live in Idaho...

Whoa. Nelly.

I think this Ferris Wheel could have eaten the one we ride back home.  

And then regurgitated it and eaten it again....

They put on lots of cool shows like this Pirate diving show.  We missed the showings but it looked pretty cool.

Instead, we went to the Birds of the World Show.

It was pretty awesome.  They had a few birds fly down from the top of the ferris wheel and over your heads. 

The poor man running the show was having a tough day and most of the birds weren't very obedient.  In my opinion, that was the highlight of the show. 

Partly because he had to improvise a lot, and partly because a few birds came our way that weren't supposed to.

Like this guy who wasn't supposed to come anywhere near us but wanted to give Grant a good chance to take a nice shot.  Bam!

The animals and rides were pretty cool, but it was the food that really had us interested... 

What did we eat, you ask?  I guess you'll just have to come back and find out.  Take that!  

(But really, if you've never lived in Texas, I'm not sure you could guess what unhealthy nastiness they delight in here... really...)


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