Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Hello family and fellow blog readers. Kelsey and I are having a hard time believing it's November already. We have been in Texas for 6 months (seems like we've been here longer...huh). October was a fun month full of unique challenges.

I lost my job...enough said.

We spent some time in Arizona for Grandpa Tanner's funeral. It was great to remember a wonderful man's life and to see the whole family! Grammy - our love goes out to you. Kate still remembers her Uncle Grant. The first thing she said to me was, "Hi Uncle Grant, but where's Kelsey?" She also probably still remembers her sheep Ricky Kenship Ba Ba White Sheep (she came up with that all by herself). We love our family and were super glad to be with everyone for the weekend.

We spent the next weekend in Boise, Idaho. We enjoyed some beautiful fall leaves and crisp air - something we just don't get here in Dallas. Kelsey was recruited out there to choreograph some dances for her old studio, Studio C. She loved it. She does wonderful work, and everybody loves her there. She probably will not approve of me putting a video of her on the blog, but here is a little clip of her dancing here in Dallas. She is on the left. She made this up.

We hadn't heard about any Halloween parties, so we decided to have our own. I was a giraffe. Kels was Mrs. Gold. We both carved the jack-o-lantern and she made the cake. The cake was very impressive and super tasty. She's getting really good. Lower left shows Hugh and Caitlin West and Stephen and McKenna Dutcher, some good friends.


leslie said...

We're looking forward to you coming back to the mountain states. We miss you guys.

Matt and Rachel Bowden said...

awesome costumes! Did u make them?

Bekah said...

LOL- oh my goodness GRANT! You're giraffe costume is AMAZING lol!!

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