Saturday, October 10, 2009

I almost cried at Walmart...

Tonight we went to Walmart because I had to take in a prescription for my migraine medication. I have been out for quite a while now but have put off getting it again because it is so expensive (probably not a very wise choice, I'm aware). I was prepared for the worst when I asked the pharmacist how much it would be... and for good reason. It was $434-- yes, that's four hundred thirty four dollars! She said, "Well that's what you pay cash since you don't have insurance." I told her I had insurance, gave her my card and asked if it would change the price at all. Unfortunately she had to fill the prescription to find out.

We went about shopping and I came back to pick up my prescription and guess how much it cost?! $4.00. FOUR DOLLARS! I couldn't believe it. I was nearly in tears when she told me. BYU's insurance didn't have prescription coverage and we didn't expect much better with our current insurance. What a tender mercy from the Lord! I still can't believe it!!! (Now I've got to decide how to spend my extra $430 dollars :)

Who knew these little babies could be so expensive? (or cheap?!?!) Like my mom told me, "Now you can afford to get a headache!"


Jill said...

Wow, that is great!

Anonymous said...

what insurance company do YOU have

P&C said...

Ha-ha. I have imitrex, but luckily I have never paid a penny for them! That's insane how much they cost! Thank heaven's for insurance!

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