Monday, November 16, 2009

Hiking in November Warm Weather!

Kelsey and I had a great weekend. We went on a several mile hike next to Grapevine Lake not too far from our apartment. I wanted to break in the new boots I got from Cabella's - thanks Mike!

The lake water was cold, but not that cold considering it's November. We are, for the first time, enjoying the weather in Texas.

For the last several months, Kelsey has been performing in a singing group. They put on Fireside's in different wards around the stake. Here is a clip of her singing - she is the star (don't tell anyone I secretly filmed this in the chapel). I realize it may be off centered and not straight - but I was trying to be sneeky.

I am off to Denver this week to see about some possible career options. Why is choosing what you want to be when you grow up so difficult? "Well, I got a news flash for you Walter Cronkite..." the hard decisions never go away.


Matt and Rachel Bowden said...

Good job Kelsey! You are amazing!

Krystin said...

Dear Tanner Family!
I miss you guys lots! I love the video...kels you have an amazing voice...!
This is random but the girl on the far right of the video in the from my work i think? is her name brittney becker? haha she looks super familiar! Miss you...

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