Monday, November 23, 2009

Lonely No More

Grant is coming home today after a week in Colorado! I am very excited because life is way better with Grant than without him. The week he has been gone my life has been something like this:

1. Getting cold at night because I don't have my natural radiator in bed.
2. Playing Zelda for entirely way too long (although I finally beat the game).
3. Actually getting some homework done early (the one good thing).
4. Getting lots of work/choreography in.
5. Not cooking a single meal because it's no fun to cook for yourself.
6. Eating granola bars, crackers, oreos, Corn Chex, cupcakes and an occasional sandwich (yes, I believe this is all I ate all week).
7. Oh, I also drank a lot of hot chocolate.
8. Oh, I also ate a few apples-- Grant will be proud I got my fruits & veggies in... hah.
9. Rented a RedBox that Grant would never have watched (and never would have liked, I realized once I saw it).
10. I went to a show at school-- Grant was probably happy about this because he already went to his one modern dance show for the year :)
11. Played games and watched Muppet Christmas Carol with some friends (Christmas is coming!!)

That was a pretty random list... but I haven't posted in a while and that's all I have to post. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!! We're going camping so if you have any good Thanksgiving recipes that are easy to do camping let me know!


thompsonfamily said...

Camping for Thanksgiving sounds like torture to me, but I hope you guys have fun! We have all week off so if you guys want to get together sometime give us a call!

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