Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Simple Pleasure

I was desperately craving this:

The ridiculously tasty "Chunky Strawberry" use-a-spoon smoothie from Jamba Juice. However, the budget doesn't allow for such indulgences (mostly because if I had one then I would be compelled to come back again day after day...). So I found a recipe and made it myself! For unbelievably good tasting stuff, I found this recipe.

2 .OZ of Vanilla Low Fat Yogurt
4 . OZ of Vanilla Soy Milk
2 TBSP of Peanut Butter
6 OZ of Frozen Strawberries
Some Ice
One Banana
3 OZ of your favorite Granola

Makes 16 OZ serving
Place everything in blender except granola and banana
Blend everything untill mixed well
Pour into big glasses add granola and sliced Banana

However, I have no idea what an ounce looks like, and I didn't have soy milk, vanilla yogurt or even a banana...... So I used regular milk, strawberry banana yogurt and nixed the banana and it was still AMAZING! It's the little things that make life so good :)


Bekah and Kyle said...

That sounds yum delish!! We are def. going to try that out:-) Thanks for the recipe!

Matt Bowden said...

Looks tasty.

Just a heads up, Jamba Juice is having a buy one get one free offer that ends on August 9th.

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