Sunday, August 23, 2009

Austin Trip

Kelsey and I just got back from our second vacation of the month to Austin, TX. Two vacations in one month: San Antonio and now Austin. Not too bad. If only the budget could always afford two vacations in the same month. But Austin was awesome! We went with our good friends Logan and Emily Mallory. We had a blast. Technically, we drove down there to see...


It was a GREAT show. It was funny, exciting, and the music was incredible. The wicked witch Elphaba had played the role on Broadway; she was incredible. As a matter of fact, the entire cast was really good. It was a great Friday night performance.

We spent the rest of the weekend getting to know Austin. If you have to move to Texas, move to Austin. It is definitely the best part of Texas that I have seen. It is the"hill country." It was quite refreshing to see hills. It is like the Boulder, Colorado, of Texas. There are lots of hippies, granola, outdoorsie type people with lots of fun things to do. We did some hiking, shopping, and went to several really cool restaurants.

Saturday night we ate at this place called The Oasis. The picture of the lake (above) was taken from our table at the restaurant. This place sits over Lake Travis and seats 2500 people at a time. It was absolutely HUGE. It was a really cool place. We enjoyed watching the sun go down over the lake with good food and great company. This weekend trip was a definite success.


Jill said...

I have heard really good things about Austin--I'd love to visit there. Looks like a fun weekend.

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