Saturday, August 1, 2009

Catch Up!

I recently uploaded the current pictures from my camera and realized that I haven't done that since April or so.... hence there will be a few catch up posts letting you know what we've been up to but just haven't told you!

First, we visited my Nana and Papa a while back and took lots of pictures. It was just a quick weekend escape, but it was good to see them and take a break for a day or two.

We checked out the temple. Nana and Papa worked at the visitors center on their mission so they showed us around.This was right after I decided to try brown hair. It was supposed to be reddish brown and it didn't take long for my hair to decide it actually wanted to stay blonde. I haven't colored it since and it's pretty darn blonde again.
We also drove up to Tuacahn to check out the theatre. What a cool stage and setting!

And did I mention that we moved?! Yep, it was a big fatty process getting ourselves down here and I have many (horrible) pictures taken from the car because I was so bored driving.
Grant drove this beast with my car attached to the back. When we picked it up he said, "Do you want me to put your name down so you can drive it too?" I think you can guess what my answer was....
We stopped in Arizona to visit some of Grant's family. We stayed at Grandma and Grandpa Tanner's beautiful home for a few days and I got to meet a lot of his extended family that I hadn't met before. (Grant probably has more family within a 4 mile radius down there than I have of total living relatives hah)
We went to the temple while we were in Mesa and it was beautiful, of course.
We drove through New Mexico...
And we FINALLY got to Texas! What a funny sign... (I think it should read, "Drive Quickly, or get out of the Texan's way" instead)
I am aware this is a crappy, taken-while-driving picture, but it illustrates two things I have since become accustomed to: giant interchanges and giant storms.
We finally made it! This was taken when we arrived at our complex. The building in the back is actually our building, but we didn't know that when we took the picture.

Phew! Well there are more pictures and posts to come detailing our exciting lives as "Texans." (We have decided that we may never actually call ourselves that... to be continued)


Jill said...

Moving stinks! We just finished packing and are still waiting for our stuff to arrive and it is not fun! Glad you guys made it and are having some adventures together. We miss you guys. When will we see you next? What are your plans around the holidays? And p.s. I can't remember if I ever sent you a thank you note for the birthday gc--so thank you! I'm sorry if I didn't send one. Things have been a little crazy around here with moving!

Jennie and Dalin Nelson said...

you texan you!! haha looks like you guys are having so much fun and enjoying life!

Suzie said...

Picture in front of every state-line sign...and how long did it take you crazy kids to drive there? I would not have had the patience.

TaNnKeNz said...

Yay for moving! Actually, I hate moving so yay that you're done moving! Hope you're stayin cool there in that Texas heat!

Taylor said...

Kels...what was the total cost of your penske truck rental + gas? I want to compare that with what we did...because, we did a relocube, and put all of our stuff into a giant cube and then we just drove our two cars. Gas+relocube= 1,800 . But one day, when we are moving back, I want to do the more affordable option.

kelseybeth said...

Hey Jill! Hope you guys are getting settled in California- it's gotta be a big change from the East coast! We are going to Boise this year but we may try to get a long layover in Denver- we're not quite sure yet. Oh and don't worry about the thank you note-- I haven't sent you one yet either!!

Taylor-- I think it cost us around 1000 for a Penske and gas-- plus a hotel one night I guess too. Meh, moving's no fun hah

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