Saturday, January 26, 2013

Wildlife Experience

Last week we headed to the Wildlife Experience with a few friends.   It's basically a hands-on nature museum for kids.  Will was in heaven because 1: he got to play with "the kids" (what we call any other children), and 2: He got to run around like a wild goose.

The biggest exhibit at the Wildlife Experience is Globeology, where you walk through all the biomes on earth (rainforest, tundra, etc.).  There are lots of animatronic animals as well as animatronic people who tell you about the different areas.  The kids can do a scavenger hunt and look for various things along the way.

Here are the girls getting ready to start the Globeology self-tour.

The have lots of little interactive sections of the museum: blocks like this, lots of touch screens with information and videos about the animals, and a bunch of fish tanks (Will's favorite).

It was a fun outing with friends!  And we can't wait because Grant's sister Rachel, and her husband Matt are moving to Colorado (yay!), not far from the Wildlife Experience.  When they live so close, it just might be worth the year-long passes.


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