Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Looking Back. Looking Ahead.

Looking back. We had an amazing Christmas.  We spent a few days in Winter Park (got to go skiing!) Robbie got married (yay!) and then we spent Christmas at the Tanners, playing games, watching Tanner classic movies, and eating chocolate (of course).

Looking ahead. We are excited for a new year.  Hopefully, a year without cancer and migraines (fingers crossed).  Today we started the first day of a year-long "Tanner Health Makeover."  This is serious business.  Pictures will be coming to detail the seriousness.  It's serious.

Bring on 2013.


Jill said...

Fun seeing you guys! I'm excited to hear more about the Tanner Health Makeover!

Ron Tanner said...

No pics of the Christmas fun?

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