Saturday, January 19, 2013

18 months

The bubba is 18 months old.  I can't believe how fast time flies.  The most exciting part of turning 18 months is that he gets to start the nursery program at church, (read: Grant and I actually get to pay attention because someone else will be watching our kid!!)

We're so proud of our little Willister.  He talks a lot these days (although most of it is babbling).

He's obsessed with Cars and Lightning McQueen.  He carries around either the DVD case or the booklet that comes inside of it and gasps repeatedly while pointing to it until one of us turns it on.

He's super social and loves being around other kids.  He's very good at "sharing" as long as he can hold onto the desired object the entire time.

He can identify random parts of his body if you ask.  His favorites are nose (below), tummy, and...

Hair! He loves hair.

He's a pretty easy going dude.  He gets super crazy sometimes, mostly when daddy gets home from work, and he loves music and dancing.  (Dancing mostly consists of running around in circles, doing somersaults and a one-legged downward dog.  No idea where he learned that... we don't do yoga...)

He's also been climbing a lot lately.  He can get onto chairs and couches and does so often.  His favorite is one of the wingback chairs that I've yet to finish the cushion for.  It's very springy and he uses it like a trampoline.

Oh, and he loves his birdie mobile.  He ripped it down a while ago and I just repaired & rehung it.  He's obsessed... clearly.

We love our little Sir. Happy 18 months.


Paul said...

Cute Will, we enjoyed spending time with him over Christmas

Kimber said...

Nursery is a miracle. And I like Will's style of sharing--I think that's the best way.

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