Friday, March 23, 2012

The Springing of Spring

We've had a fun week in this beautiful spring weather!  We've been out on a few walks, checked out a few garage sales, and loved the light lasting a little longer in the evening.  

We have two BYU rugby players staying with us while they are in town for a few games and a camp. I love having people in the house.  It makes me excited to do all of the things I might normally begrudge doing: cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping etc.  We also love reminiscing about BYU and the amazing time we had there.  Tis a magical place. 

We've also been slowly progressing in the home projects department.  We painted the guest room, and I've been cleaning these candlesticks that Mumsie gave us.

The plan is to paint them white for the mantle.  But Bubba's plan is just to eat them.  Along with everything else that will fit in his mouth.

Yay for Spring!  And also... for the Hunger Games movie-- we're going tomorrow and Will is going to have his first non-family babysitter.  Schweet.


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