Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Daniels Park

While Bma was visiting, we drove out to Daniels Park, a huge 1000 acre park just south of our house.  It has a gorgeous view of the mountains in addition to some sweet roaming buffalo.  Yep, buffalo.

It was quite the chilly day so we bundled up the little bubba...

adjusted his owl hat from Art in the Park

and headed out to catch the view.

Bma's hair was digging that wind.  

And bubba was clearly enjoying it as well.

But at least we got a family picture.  Is it shameful that we have yet to get our pictures taken as a family?

Hmmm... well as long as we get it done before the next baby bubba comes along, I'm feeling okay about it. 

Endnote: There are no baby bubbas currently in the works.  One baby bubba is enough for now :)


Katie Bell said...

His cheeks kill me. What a doll.

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