Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Family Hiking

McFarlands came to visit!  For one of our jaunts around town, we took them to our favorite local hiking spot, Roxborough.  We were greeted by a handful of deer.  

We see deer everywhere here.  It feels like home.  It makes me happy.

They were super close to the car and not even phased by us.  It was pretty sweet.

We spent some time at the visitors center.  Taylor found some good literature:

Gav attended a little puppet show and then got buckled in.

And Will had a little snack.  This is his milk-coma face.  It's the best.

Yep.  Cutest baby in the world.

And we headed out!  We took the Fountain Valley trail- it's a nice 2.3 mile hike on this gravel path.  We took this trail a few times when I was pregnant, and even once when Will was a week old. (Not my wisest decision).  But it's nice because it's strollerable.  Yes.  Strollerable.

Will loves hiking.  We're forcing him to :)

It was Gav's nap time so he slept most of the way. 

And since Will isn't big enough, we haven't figured out the straps for the stroller yet.  Thus, Gavin slowly slid down, down until he was nearly falling out of the stroller, asleep.  It was awesome.

What handsome men.

And cute smiley babies.

This would be a great family picture if my hair wasn't wigging out on top there... hmm...

And this would be a great family picture if Gavin wasn't in the stroller, threatening to slide right out the front...

It was a good hike, but poor little Will was pooped right out.  Oh the chubbiness.


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