Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Things We Love

1. Getting a paycheck! Grant is on his fourth week of work at Fidelity Investments and it's going well! We are especially grateful to have a consistent income again. So much so that I've had the song "Just Got Paid" by NSYNC stuck in my head for a while now. Good one.

2. Quailman! We're on disc four out of eight in our Doug collection. Our favorite episode was "RoboBone" because it had both Quailman AND the Beets. Quailman: "The superhero who always wears clean underwear over his pants!"
3. BBQ Pizza! We found a great recipe a few months ago and have deemed every Saturday night "Pizza Night." Yum!
4. Blossoms! It's been a very strange last few weeks with the weather in Texas. But the blossoms are appearing and its beautiful! We are trying to enjoy the good weather before we are liquified by the heat this summer...
5. The BYU speeches website. You can download any devotional, forum, and other speeches given at BYU for free. I have been listening to them on the way to and from school. My favorites include, "Decisions Determine Destiny," by President Monson, "Forget Yourself," by Gordon B. Hinckley, and "The Nature and Character of God," by Andrew Skinner, my roommate Suzie's dad!

Also, I think having to grade so many students on their citations is making me feel a little guilty for posting pictures without citing them. So no, I did not use MLA or APA or Turabian, but in case you were wondering, here are the links to my images:


Matt and Rachel Bowden said...

Your pizza looks yummy. Can we get the recipe?

Suzie said...

I am glad I got mentioned in the "Things we love" post, even if it was vicariously.

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