Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Overheard at the Tanner Household

I walked in from a dance rehearsal a few minutes ago and overheard this conversation that Grant was having on speakerphone with a credit card customer service man,

"Well, Thaddeus, tell your manager that I think you're the man!"
"How about you tell her yourself?"
"Okay, put your manager on the line & I'll tell her!"

He then talked to the manager for a while, telling her how excellent of a customer service man he was. Who does that? Grant Tanner.


Matt and Rachel Bowden said...

haha Grant is practicing some of the principles in my leadership book(see my post). Although Grant has always been a leader so he doesn't need to read books like that.

Jonathan Whitaker said...

This made me laugh out loud.

"Enrique was right!"

dare I say

"Thaddeus is the man!"

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