Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hoodies, J-Dawgs, Zombies and more!

We've been up to lots of fun activities lately! We didn't buy all-sport passes this year so we don't go to the football games. We also don't have a television, so we don't watch the games either... But we did go to the tailgate party last week. This is mainly because of cheap and free food :)
The Carl's Jr. star was about 4 feet tall and it was highly entertaining for Grant. But seriously, there was a little kid in there! Note: We got free food from Carl's Jr.

We also got J-Dawgs for a dollar PLUS they were blue!

It was cold so we bundled up well!

Then, this weekend we went to Odyssey Dance Company's show Thriller in Salt Lake! I was way excited because I was in the show last year so I got to see some of my old friends and a great show!

Bayli wasn't in the show either this year, but got jealous so decided to be a zombie anyway :) What a great flashback to...
Last year! I think Grant was glad I didn't dress up for the show again this year, but it was fun to show him what I used to do!
Grant really liked the show too! We officially feel really "halloweeny" and have started a list of all the scary movies we have to watch now!


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