Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween Waffle Party

This weekend we had fun dressing up for various Halloween parties, one being our own waffle/costume party! Friday we dressed up as luchadores with spandex, masks and all. We didn't take any pictures that night but we have quite a few from last night!

Here are some of our guests and their costumes.
Grant wanted to be a scary clown so I did a little make-up job on him
Then he turned scary on me!

Basically, we're pretty excited about Halloween in general-- but I guess that's pretty obvious. Though, I'm not sure Grant is too happy about continuing my long-time tradition of watching Willy Wonka on Halloween... I'll have to keep working on that one!


lindsaypeterson said...

Um hi. you are wearing my mu-mu... I do want that back since I got if from Great Grandma Wayman! It's a family heirloom! Glad you guys had fun!

Tyler and Carisa said...

Grant did look like a scary clown!! well, clowns are scary as is... but with that makeup... wow!! =D and i say Willy Wonka is a perfect show to watch on Halloween!!!

Rachel and Matt Bowden said...

If you watch the new version of willy wonka that would make it more scary since Johnny Depp is weird and creepy in the new one. He could scare me!

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