Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Fun Filled Weekend

We got lucky enough to have tickets to two conference sessions last weekend! Grant's dad got us tickets for Saturday afternoon and my sister Lindsay had tickets for Sunday afternoon. I had never been to an actual conference session so it was really great to go. We forgot about 17 things :) on our first trip up to Salt Lake Saturday morning, so Grant graciously drove back home again while I was at dance rehearsal. Then we headed up to the conference center and enjoyed the rain, the protesters, and of course the conference talks! After that we picked up John Morrison and headed up to Snowbird. We stayed the night there with Linds and some of her friends at our grandparents timeshare. By Sunday morning the clouds had cleared, it was snowing and the mountains were beautiful! We made waffles and crepes and then headed off to conference once again! What a wonderful weekend with friends and family!!


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