Friday, August 30, 2013

July Birthday Celebrations

July is birthday month around here.  Will turned two on July 14th and I turned twenty-five on the 18th. Last year we went all out for Will's 1st birthday.  It probably had something to do with the fact that I was still in recovery from surgery with nothing to do for the 4 weeks leading up to his big day...  Anyway, this year we scaled back and threw a little family party at Grant's parents' house.

Will is all about treats.

Our friends Alison & Travis came to celebrate with us.

As well as Aunt Cheech, Uncle Matthead, and Uncle Matthead's brother Kirk.

Mumsie and Grumsie rose to the occasion and supplied an incredible spread of food despite us telling them we were coming just earlier that day... You rock Mumsie & Grumsie!!

Will was quite pleased with his little shindig.

And we even managed to sneak in a little family picture.  (We're lucky if this happens annually, it seems!)

For my birthday, Grant convinced our friend Chris to take us rock climbing!  I was so so excited.

I wore my new Lululemon clothing from my mama.  Not the best climbing attire... but man, I looked good!

Our trusty guide.

Best birthday planner ever.

It was a great warm-up for my First Descents trip that's coming up in a few weeks!  I'll be climbing in NY for a week with a group of cancer survivors.  Hoorah!

It was gorgeous, and wonderful, and so much fun.  Can't believe my baby is two and I'm a whole-quarter century old!


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