Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fourth of July

It indeed happened over a month ago... but here's the recap of our 4th of July.

We headed to Town Center for a few adventures.  Will loved the carriage ride and the horses.

He got a balloon animal; a dog, of course.

And then we waited in line for the bounce house for 30 minutes.

He was the 1st one in the bounce house and was jumping all over the place...

Until the big kids started funneling in...

And he had a mini-meltdown...

He refused to move from that spot in the middle.  The bouncy house was a little full, and a little crazy, and Will was frozen with fear.

We eventually convinced him to crawl over to the side and he felt much better bouncing over there.

After all the excitement, (and almost having to go into the bounce house ourselves to get Will to leave), we headed to Freddy's for a custard cone.

Man, that stuff is good.

Happy (belated) Fourth!


Paul Tanner said...

Looks fun!!

Kk said...

That last picture...stuffing that last delicious bit of cone in, is my favorite. :)

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