Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Scooter

Will is officially a scooter.  He sees what he wants (usually something that could electrocute him...) and he goes to get it.

I love this smile-- a hard one to get on camera!

He's almost 9 months (can you believe it?!).  He's a great eater and a great sleeper.  We got lucky.

He loves fruit, hates veggies, (imagine that), and has to have his "softie" all the time.

See that in the right corner?  That's Will's softie.  We tried introducing another softie so that one could be washed.  No luck.  I think I'm going to buy another one exactly like that one. Softie was a gift that came from here.

Today, Will spent the day at his Mumsie's because I had a migraine.  I got to sleep it off and Grant didn't have to take a sick day.  Thanks Mumsie!!!

The bubba likes to put everything in his mouth. Most recently, he's been eating lots of sand during our visits to the park, although yesterday, my camera strap was his victim of choice.

Hello, Sweet cheeks!

The bubba also has teeth!  Two on the bottom and one on the top.  Of course, the one on the top is not one of his middle teeth so he looks pretty redneck.  It's awesome.


Katie Bell said...

Will and I can be pals. I hate Veggies and I'm 21 years old. I beginning to doubt I'll ever group up.

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