Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Makings of a Great Weekend

We had an incredible weekend.  Grant had Friday off of work because of Good Friday.  Then Sunday was Grant's birthday and Easter.  We celebrated three days straight.  

The weather was beautiful so Friday we headed up to Deer Creek Canyon Park for a nice little hike.  The park is part of Jefferson County Open Space, (which to me, means free).  We also drove around the homes near the park... Holy cow.  I've found a new dream home location...

We took Will in his new stroller.  We got it for $30 at a garage sale last week.  I love garage sale-ing...

For the first part of the hike we followed the Meadowlark Trail.  It overlooks a big Lockheed Martin site.  Who wouldn't want to work out there?! 

Spring flowers! (Even despite the lack of April showers here in Denver...)

It was a beautiful hike but it was super windy.  I had visions of Will's stroller being blown off the trail and tumbling down the mountain... 

The Meadowlark trail ended when it ran into another trail.  So instead of backtracking, we decided to follow the new trail out.

It was a bit rocky...  Grant was a master stroller driver, but next time we'll probably forgo the wheels and carry the little bubba.

Will was a great sport though.  He slept for the better part of an hour and was in good spirits when he woke up.

He liked using his daddy's camelbak but had a hard time keeping the water in his mouth.

The view on the way down.

All around it was a great hike.  A 2.6 mile hike with great views, doable (if not simple) with a jogging stroller, only 30 minutes from home.  Oh, and a happy bubba.  


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