Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ski Texas

There are many great things about snow in Texas:

1. Snow day! I didn't have work tonight and I don't have to go to school tomorrow. About 5-10 inches have fallen across the DFW area. While this would be minor in Provo, here it is HUGE!

2. It feels like home! Today Grant said, "One of my favorites feelings is when you step on a huge pile of snow and it crunches under your feet. I just felt that and it was awesome!" Good one.

3. Skiing! Obviously, this doesn't make a lot of sense. There aren't too many mountains around here. In fact, the biggest hill we could even think of was a berm next to Kohl's in the next town over... not too promising. However, on the way to our friends' house we noticed that there were hills leading up to all the freeway overpasses!

So, we pulled over under the overpass (clearly not legal...) and I booted up. Grant had a bum knee from his hiking trip last week and didn't want to ski so I was a lone adventurer. I hiked up the "mountain." It was an unsurprisingly quick and easy hike.

The front side was was grass but was also pretty steep and ended in a gutter. I didn't trust myself so I went down the more gentle slope. Unfortunately, the side I chose was cement...

Successful run!

I did lots of turns instead of bombing it because I didn't want to end up in the road. Dad, aren't you proud of my nice turns? I made sure to keep my weight on my downhill ski... sort of... :)

This picture shows the scrapage on the cement. Worth it...

About this time I looked across the road and noticed a cop sitting at a stop sign. And I mean sitting... for a long time... probably watching us intently.... Notice our car just hanging out on the side of the road...

So we packed up quickly and took off ticketless. Ski Texas: Mission Accomplished!


Rebecca said...

That is awesome! That's how we do all our sledding up in Kansas. Just watch out because in some places it's illegal...

Sam and Stacy said...

Oh Tanners! We love you guys. We haven't gotten snow for over a month here. Thanks for taking all of it.

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