Thursday, January 7, 2010


While I have improved on my recipe following skills, I don't have much experience putting a whole meal together. I can make some excellent main dishes, but unfortunately, that is usually the only thing that ends up on the table. So I challenged myself and made three new recipes for dinner yesterday.

All my recipes came from the same book: Essential Mormon Celebrations. What a funny cook book name. The main dish was called Missionary Chicken: Chicken breasts (and I did slice these in half like you mentioned, Jill! I didn't do a good job, but it was better than the pounded version!) covered in a sour cream/cream of chicken sauce, topped with Parmesan cheese and baked in the oven. My two sides were Holiday Rice: a fairly basic rice but topped with parsley & tomatoes; and Honey Glazed Carrots. After starting the meal, I realized I didn't have enough carrots (of course) so I changed the recipe to Honey Glazed Random Vegetables and added broccoli and zucchini.

It turned out great! Grant said, "I could get this at a restaurant & think it was great!" Grant was very proud of me and I was very proud of myself! Grant couldn't stop eating for me to take the picture so I got his hand in it. (Well, that's a lie... he hadn't started yet. But I'm sure that would have been the case if I had waited to take the picture.)

After all that success, I decided I needed a break. So we ate bread from our bread machine and it was wonderful. It was the first time we had made it since we moved to Texas and with one bite, we instantly missed good ole Wymount Terrace. Good times.


Jill said...

Way to go! It's always nice to have someone appreciate your cooking.

Matt and Rachel Bowden said...

You guys should invest in ceramic knifes sometime. Matt and I got some for Christmas on amazon and I will never go back. It makes slicing meat a lot easier.

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