Sunday, January 17, 2010

Can't Think of an Interesting Title...

We have done fun things lately, but haven't taken many pictures, so if you're not into reading... sorry.

First, Grant is getting ready for a big backpacking trip in Big Bend National Park.He's going with a few friends from the ward and they'll be hiking about 11 miles a day for three days. I wish I could go (although I'd probably die...) but with school and work, it just won't work out. But I have been helping Grant get ready for his trip. He has new boots that aren't broken in yet so we have taken to going on what I call "urban hikes." There are few places close by that allow for real hiking, so we have been hiking around the town instead. Our first walk was to a friends house, about a 7 mile round trip. Our second trip was to Chipotle (of course) and beyond, an 8 mile trip. It's been lots of fun to go on adventures together. Additionally, it has been quite an adventure because Texas is not exactly pedestrian friendly...

Second, I am still technically doing Kelsey's Cooking Course. The meals for these two weeks aren't quite as adventurous as the last. I included quite a few tried and true recipes: Potato Soup, White Chicken Chili, and Pizza. There are also a few new recipes: Overnight Rolls, Baked Chicken Casserole, Chicken Quiche, Oven Baked Carrot Fries, etc; but not as many as before.

Today, we had Potato Soup and Overnight Rolls. The potato soup was good-- it's one of our favorites and I make it fairly often. However, I had never made rolls before. These turned out great! I was skeptical because I grew up eating "Nana's rolls" but these were nearly as good! One more victory and one more recipe under my belt. I feel like I learn something new with every recipe I make. I don't have many memorized, but I'm getting a feel for where I can take liberties with a recipe, so that is good.

In addition, things are looking good on the job front for Grant! He had a great interview this week and got a call saying they want to "move forward with the hiring process." Nothing is final but it looks good! I'm proud of him and how hard he has been working!

I'm going to eat another roll now!


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