Saturday, October 10, 2009

I almost cried at Walmart...

Tonight we went to Walmart because I had to take in a prescription for my migraine medication. I have been out for quite a while now but have put off getting it again because it is so expensive (probably not a very wise choice, I'm aware). I was prepared for the worst when I asked the pharmacist how much it would be... and for good reason. It was $434-- yes, that's four hundred thirty four dollars! She said, "Well that's what you pay cash since you don't have insurance." I told her I had insurance, gave her my card and asked if it would change the price at all. Unfortunately she had to fill the prescription to find out.

We went about shopping and I came back to pick up my prescription and guess how much it cost?! $4.00. FOUR DOLLARS! I couldn't believe it. I was nearly in tears when she told me. BYU's insurance didn't have prescription coverage and we didn't expect much better with our current insurance. What a tender mercy from the Lord! I still can't believe it!!! (Now I've got to decide how to spend my extra $430 dollars :)

Who knew these little babies could be so expensive? (or cheap?!?!) Like my mom told me, "Now you can afford to get a headache!"

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Doo doo bee doo

I am currently blogging to avoid a paper that is due tomorrow... I can't say this is the first time that this has ever happened. But despite my lack of desire to write my paper, school is going great. It's fun and different to study dance. I like my classes and I have made some good friends too.

We've been doing fun things lately! First, we went to the GrapeFest here in Grapevine a few weeks ago. As you may have guessed, most people go for the wine (which was evident in most people's behavior while we were there...) We met up with a bunch of friends there and walked around. There are tons of shops along cute little Main Street and we also checked out a bronze sculptor's studio as well as a glass blowing studio.The entrance to the Grapefest
A very very large man... oh and a statue behind him :)
This is the group that attended Grapefest! Almost all of us are BYU graduates so we have our own little Cougartown here in Texas.

Also, we attended a Thai festival a few weeks ago! A bunch of local Thai restaurants had set up booths and were selling all sorts of interesting food. We got a bunch of different things including a funky sausage, some beef or pork that was kind of like jerky with sauce on it, some sweet crunchy noodles and fried rice. Obviously, most of it was new to us-- (it is obviously also very hard to describe). They had two different music playing in different places and that was really cool. It is amazing how different the instruments they played were from the instruments I am used to seeing. There was one that had strings laid across a wooden box that sat on the ground. The girl playing it had what looked like pieces of wheat in her hands-- a long skinny, bendable rod that had a bigger piece on the end. She would hit the strings lightly to make the strings vibrate-- it was really cool!This was a Chinese sausage... I think...

Grant was really excited about this world famous band that was supposed to play that night. By the time we had eaten and checked everything out, there were still a few hours until they played so we took off.
This is a canteloupe... amazing...

Life is good at the Tanner's-- the weather is cooling down and it's almost Halloween! We have already been decorated for about 3 weeks... wahoo!