Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It's the Happiest Season of All

Right NOW at the Tanner house (apartment) we are Christmas-ing. We bought an advent calendar at our local Goodwill store and everyday we open a new box to find a new Christmas activity to do!

We have done lots of things so far including: Watched a Christmas movie, looked up the symbols of Christmas, read the Christmas story in Luke, sent Christmas postcards to missionaries, whistled our very own rendition of "Silver Bells," and lots more! Tonight we are decorating stockings with puffy paints, and making snowflakes, snowmen (out of marshmallows), and chocolate covered pretzels!

Of course, our tiny little 3 dollar tree is lit and we are listening to Christmas music as well! What a wonderful time of year!


Jill said...

How fun. I love the idea to look up the Christmas symbols. Merry Christmas!

thompsonfamily said...

You guys are so cute! I thought about you today when I opened my microwave and caught a wiff of burnt gingerbread cookie! Hehe!!! See you in Boise!

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