Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jousting, Laundry, and much much more!

This weekend my brother Robbie is in town! In addition to checking out various parts of the city, we're going to the Medieval Times dinner! It is a medieval setting dinner inside a "castle" where you eat with your hands and watch a two hour show where "privileged royal guests are transported to faraway lands including a romantic snowy rendezvous in the woods and an authentic medieval tournament -- with the help of Hollywood-caliber special effects, of course." We are pretty excited.

As far as Tanner family updates in general, Grant's job is going great! You can check out his bio here. I also got a job teaching dance and directing dance companies at Pat Riddle School of Dance! I start summer classes in a few weeks and I'm way excited! Otherwise we've been spending time putting our house together. We now have a washer and dryer, internet and a giant sectional that looked a lot smaller in the store... :)

I have also been reading a lot, mostly about WWII. If you're looking for a good book- check out these: The Zookeeper's Wife, The Great Starvation Experiment, Shanghai Diary, The Pianist, or Refuge Denied.


Jennie and Dalin Nelson said...

SO GLAD THAT YOU GUYS ARE GETTING ALL MOVED IN!! by the way, i LOVE your washer and dryer! so nice:) put pics up of your home:) i wanna see:)

Jill said...

Congrats on your jobs! Sounds fun. And I loved the Zookeepers Wife!

Stephanie Young said...

My mom told me a little about your job, that is so exciting! You're going to be AMAZING! I got your message on facebook and I'm so excited that you're going to make the wedding:) and I'll see you in a couple weeks for Lindsay's wedding! Yeah:)

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