Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Good Times with the Tanners

We've been up to quite a lot lately, but we have also been too lazy to charge our cameras... so just recently we started taking pictures again. So here is a numbered update of the Tanner family.

1. We're excited for Valentine's day! We're decked out with decorations and candy (if I don't eat it all soon..). We've also started planning the ward Sweethearts dance which will be sweet! It's a great season to remember those we love and find ways to serve them. We have been trying to do that.A Valentine cake I made thanks to Mama Beth

Our window decorations and the snowy quad.

2. We went up to Park City and watched the World Championship Aerial Ski Jump Contest. I'm pretty sure I said that wrong... but you get the idea. It was SO cool! The announcer said the hardest tricks performed that night were the full double double double and the double full double double.... what?! Well, it was super cool, I think that's what he meant.
That bug looking thing above the jump is a skier! It was sweet

3. We went to Evolutions of Dance, a show at the Covey Center that some of my friends were performing in. It was a great show. I'm glad Grant will go to dance shows with me because I love them and would go ALL the time if I could. He's good at putting up with me :)
Tawny danced in the Evolutions show-- she is amazing!!

4. Grant is working full time now and it's definitely a change for both of us. We were used to seeing each other a lot more so we're getting used to a new schedule.

5. I've been attempting to cook a bit more-- I made potato soup and chicken and dumplings for the first time last week. I also made some easy chicken pot pie that was pretty good. Today I made my mama's chili and spiced it up with some extra ingredients. I'm certainly not a great cook/chef/baker/whatever yet, but I have fun learning!

6. We've been apartment searching! One of my good friends from high school, Caitlin, is living in Dallas for a bit so she's helping us find a good place! We found an apartment we like but they don't have openings right now. We're gonna call back around the time people will put in their 60 day notices.

7. We've almost been married for 6 months and we are happier than ever!


lindsaypeterson said...

Looks like fun! You forgot to mention some fun things with your favorite Peterson sister. umhmm. Lets get together soon! I love you guys!

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