Sunday, February 1, 2009

3 Jobs in Three Weeks!

The month of January was a kahrazy month. After graduation, I had a paid full-time internship all planned out at a place called Cost Segregation Authority. After working there for two days, my boss said they had only budgeted 8 hours a week for the intern: ahhh, WHAT? So I was out on the job hunt again. I then found a job at Funding Universe helping entrepreneurs get financing. After working there for four days, they told me that my department was being relocated to South Jordan: ahhh, STINK! So now, starting tomorrow, I will be driving all the way up to almost-Salt-Lake-City everyday. And the job position will change a lot. So yeah, the job market it pretty thin right now. Other than that, Kelsey and I have enjoyed skiing Snowbird every weekend. We're excited that Dad will be out here this weekend.


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