Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving in Boise

We were originally supposed to spend Thanksgiving in Sun Valley. However, because of lack of snow the slopes didn't open and we drove home to Boise instead! Here are some of the highlights of our adventures:

  • Playing with Bryce and "the babies." We had lots of fun dancing to "Soulja Boy," playing Guess Who, and using Bryce as a human leaf compactor as we raked and bagged leaves in the backyard.
  • Reminiscing about the good 'ole days. "Aunt Bof" made sure we had plenty to reminisce over. We watched Pippi Longstocking movies as well as the Christmas Classic movies. In addition to that the men bought the original Zelda and succeeded in beating the game in nearly 24 hours, a feat only the gods could imagine ten or fifteen years ago :)
  • Lots of food! We did two turkeys this year. I did the deep fried one and Lindsay did the stuffed one, with the help of Dad, of course. They both turned out great! However, somehow in all of our years of turkey training, Linds missed the part about taking the neck out of the turkey... so it got cooked as well. Suffice it to say the stuffing wasn't the best... but Robbie's pumpkin pies and Grant & Bof's rolls were both tremendous.
  • A double date with Lindsay and Dan to the Garden-a-Glow at the Botanical Gardens. It was really cool and a great way to get in the holiday spirit to see all the lights!
  • A haircut! We're still getting used to the bangs idea... but it was time for a change so I took a chance.
We had a great long weekend. There was no homework involved and though we are paying dearly now, it was great to relax and enjoy some family time.

Now we're all ready for our "Welcome Christmas" Party!! It's a new tradition for the new Tanner family. Tonight is the night and we're going to get all decked out for Christmas. What a wonderful exciting season! We can't wait for Grant to graduate and for our Christmas trip to Denver to spend time with more family!!!


lindsaypeterson said...

you forgot to mention that when we said what we were thankful for, Grant said he was thankful that I left the neck in the turkey. You are welcome. Who would you make fun of if I wasn't there? Muah! Love you!

Jennie and Dalin Nelson said...

sounds like you had such a fun time in boise!! next time you guys come up we should hang out!! that would be fun!! crazy that boys can beat nintendo games in 24 hours or's like in their bodies to do it! it's crazy!! but they are just oh so proud:) hhaa

greenwoodgal said...

Beth--love those jammies! You guys are great! Looks like a fun holiday.
love MOM

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