Saturday, December 13, 2008

Getting Ready for Christmas!

We've been getting into the Christmas spirit lately! We listen pretty much only to Christmas music, besides a little HSM3 every now and then... Our favorite song this year is "Mistletoe" by Colbie Caillat though Grant also has another favorite which he has threatened to put on the blog... keep your eyes and ears out...

One our of first Christmas-y activities was reindeer making! We made some pretty fun ones-- ones with halos and cross eyes and mohawks. Here is Grant showing off a few of our faves.

We also got a little tree!! It's a bit of a secret and a bit of a scandal because we're technically not supposed to have live trees, but like Grant put it, "What's gonna happen, we burn the cinderblock down?!" So we got a little "pree" for ten dollars and called it "Baby Shrimp."
We only had a few issues getting it to stand up because the trunk was more like a branch, but eventually he stood and we decorated him! Pretty much all we had was the reindeer we had made so those make up most of our ornaments. He's small but he's our first Christmas tree!!
This is the finished product complete with a fake tree skirt and approximately 8 real ornaments :)

And here's how he looks all lit up. Not too shabby for ten bucks!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!


Jill said...

Kelsey your bangs are so cute! And I love the little tree. We still have a little tree that I had in college... it's kind of pathetic but I figure once we actually stay home for Christmas we'll get a big one. We're excited to see you guys soon.

whitneeey said...

hahaha your tree is awesome! we had to get a little one too but ours was 20 bucks! you got a deal!

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