Tuesday, January 7, 2014

South Valley Park

Still back in September, we headed out for a Saturday hike to South Valley Park, part of the Jefferson County Parks system with similar, though less dramatic, scenery to Roxborough Park, one of our favorites.  While the red rocks at South Valley aren't quite as exciting as Roxborough, it was free (woohoo!).  Roxborough is a state park and is around $10 a car to get in. 

We came a day or two after a big storm so the trails were a little sketchy.  Nothing a two year old couldn't handle!

In fact, Will would have sat there all day throwing dirt clods if we had let him.

Our trusty $10 garage sale back pack has been quite handy on our hikes.  However, the bottom strap is broken which means there's not a lot of support (resulting in ouchie backs for me & Grant).  It may be time for an upgrade.

Running, running.

Love my boys.


Kk said...

Oh my goodness. I would frame that running picture of will. Love it.

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