Saturday, January 4, 2014

Belleview Park

So.... back in September... we headed out to a new (to us) park, Belleview Park.  We had heard great things about the train and petting zoo and Will was excited.  Our friends, the Cranes, were meeting us there, but we got there early and Will ran around by himself for a bit.

Looking for the train...

Really looking for the train...

Tunnel! One of Will's favorite things.

Love love his blonde hair.

Will and his friend, Wells, are just a few months apart.  Wells was born in Texas, right before we moved to Denver.  Luckily, Wells and his family moved to Denver just a few months ago!

The boys loved the petting zoo.  Especially Will, who is eager to get his hands on anything furry and dirty.

Maddie and Millie.  Maddie is such a stylish mama and I am always impressed with how adorable their understated, yet put together she and her children look.  Recently, Maddie opened her own Etsy shop where she sells perfect little bows for babies.  You can check it out here.

Look mama! I pet a chicken!

Of course, we had to ride the train as well.  Wells was thrilled.  No really, this is his thrilled face.


Sweet little Millie.

While we're hoping we never live in Texas again (can you say heat wave), we love having the Crane's nearby.  They are our little piece of Texas and we love having them around.


Paul Tanner said...

Cute kids, looks like a fun time

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