Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Life of the Bubba

A quick recap in the current life of the Bubba:

Explorations of baby powder:

Of course, he ate it.  He's currently obsessed with tubes of stuff: toothpaste, desitin, vaseline... You name it, he'll eat it.

Making Valentines.  Will was in charge of eating his rocket-pop, sticker placement, and a few crayon scratches.

Playing in the "baby" drawer.  Always always unloading.

Indoor sledding.  Bubba refuses to keep gloves on when we're outside.  As soon as he falls and his little bubba hands hit the ground, it's tears and screaming until we're back inside, all warmed up.

An attempt to pull daddy on the sled:

And of course, a hike on a nice day:


Steph said...

Love the baby drawer :) Everybody's gotta have one!

Paul said...

The unloaded attacks!! Cute pics

Char said...

Just came across you blog, Love it! You have one adorable little baby!

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