Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Tree

Our lovely tree (with lights out at the top), and one of our new rugs (not quite in its place yet), in an ipad picture (less than stellar quality).

Still the best tree ever.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Tree Cutting

We headed up to the mountains this weekend to cut down our Christmas tree!  We haven't had a real tree for a few years so we were really excited!

Will wore his big boy coat.

We hiked in about a half-mile, checking out all the potential trees on the way in.  We wanted a big tree.

The trees weren't very full, but plenty tall.

We settled on one.

Grant chopped it down.   Will cried.  A true environmentalist :)

We tied it to the trailer.

And drove that puppy home.  On the hour-drive home, we couldn't help but check out other people's Christmas trees tied to their cars.  They all looked fuller and prettier than ours and we wondered if we would still like our tall skinny tree when we got home. (I guess the trees are always greener on someone else's car...)

But we got home.  And our tree is THE BEST!  Pictures coming soon.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thanksgiving and more

We spent Thanksgiving in Illinois (as I wrote about earlier).  A few of the highlights:

The fish tank at Bass Pro Shop

Santa at Bass Pro Shop

Clearly not a hit with Willister...

Attending a basketball game at Eureka College

And back home, we visited the Highlands Ranch Mansion during a community Christmas celebration

Grant was especially excited about the incredible woodwork in the library.

And of course, we've been projecting.   Almost finished the dining room table and the second wingback chair.  And we purchased our first (ever) area rug.  It rocks.  Pictures soon.