Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Del Mar Vacation Recap

We had a great trip to California.  Unfortunately, the camera died after the first day and the charger was hundreds of miles away...

But we did get some good pictures of our time at the beach on Coronado Island:

We also went to Knott's Berry Farm, visited Paul, Jill, Kate, and Gwen at their beautiful new home, hiked Torrey Pines, enjoyed a visit from our friends Kyle, Bekah, and Emma Paredes, and relaxed at home... a lot.

There was quite a bit of leftover ice cream in the freezer when we arrived.

There was very little leftover ice cream in the freezer when we left...

We loved our visit.  And this visit reconfirmed my feeling about vacations: They are just as much (if not more) about the people you spend time with then about the places you go.  

Spending time with friends and family, even when it's just the three of us, or even me and Grant, trumps an awesome view or killer roller coaster.  It always will.  

So we've just gotta make sure our vacations include cool people in addition to the awesome views and killer roller coasters :)


maddie said...

looks heavenly! i cannot believe cute will standing in his little jeans. what a doll! miss you guys.

B&K said...

Kelsey- I lOVE that picture of you and Will! You look so gorgeous!!

Thanks for such a fun trip down. I'm sorry Emma wasn't feeling well. (Blame it on her DTap shot:-( ) Anyways, we had a blast seeing all three of you. Hope Will is feeling better too!

Jill said...

We are always up for a vacation!

shondra from Dwellable said...

Awww...great pictures. Looks like you guys had a blast.

I'd love to feature this on our San DIego-based site. Email me for details.

shondra (at) dwellable (dot) com


P.S. I've left my charger at home before...bummer.

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