Sunday, December 4, 2011

Oh to be Thankful

It was a great Thanksgiving.  All the Tanner kids were home (except Paul & Jill).  Will ate turkey, stuffing, potatoes, and rolls; all via Mama's milk, of course.

Ron wore an excellent turkey hat and entertained us with his traditional "Thanksgiving Turkey Gobble."  He really is quite good at it.

Will got to spend some time with his Great-Grandpa Smith.

And Great-Grandma Smith too!

Grant sliced up the turkey.  He was made to be a butcher, I believe.  I mean, look at that mean, apron-wearing machine!

What a beaut.

And after stuffing our faces, we all went for a walk. 

I love Will's eyes in the picture below.  That kid has one serious forehead.  I mean, his forehead is seriously serious... even when he's not being serious.  Seriously!

And then we spent some time at the park!  Baby Elaina is not really a baby anymore...

But apparently, the Tanner kids truly are all kids at heart.  I especially enjoyed watching Clint dig holes with that lovely contraption in the corner. Hah.

Thanksgiving was the best.  Now on to Christmas! Woohoo!


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