Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mixin it up!

Every Friday night is date night for the Tanners. Usually it consists of going out for dinner (the only night a week we ever do) and some sort of activity. There are about 40 restaurants just down the road from our apartment so there are always lots of options. We've been to Swaggly's (Grant's name for Spring Creek BBQ), Red Robin, CPK, Empress of China (a fabulous Chinese place we found), and Olive Garden in addition to multiple hole-in-the-wall family restaurants (these are our favorite).

This Friday we had a hard time deciding where to go-- nothing sounded all that appetizing. So we decided to try something new-- a date night experiment. We took the money we would normally spend at a restaurant and divided it up. First, we each got 6 dollars to spend at any store we wanted. I went to JoAnn Fabrics for some home-y type things. Grant quickly learned that if he didn't limit my time we would have spend all evening in that one store... so I got fifteen minutes. There weren't too many options for home decorating under 6 dollars so I got some Thanksgiving crafts. They were foam and cheesy... but fun.

This is my exciting turkey headband. I know, I know... I look exactly like the Indians from the first Thanksgiving dinner....

Grant went to Academy Sports and knew exactly what he wanted, thus no time limit. He got grip tape for his tennis racquet and we were out of there!

We decided that 5 dollars would go towards a 5 dollar movie at Target. Sometimes we go to movies on date night but we liked the idea that we actually had something to show for our money this time. We got Superman Returns.

Last, we had dinner! Inspired by a Letsinger Family tradition, we went to Walmart (so classy) and each were allowed 3 dollars for dinner and 1 dollar for dessert. We both got some chicken from the deli place ($1), a banana(.11), a yogurt (.50) and string cheese(.25). In addition, Grant got an apple(.50), I got a mini pumpkin pie (.50) and we split a day old loaf of French bread (.90) and a bag of frozen waffle cut fries ($2). We checked out at exactly $7.93. Nice! As I'm writing this, I realize that Grant didn't get a dessert... That would be typical-- Grant choosing to forgo sweets while I eat a tiny dessert (or tons of dessert...) that still manages to fill my daily fat and sugar intake in one bite...

We came home, watched our movie and ate our dinners. It was really fun and sadly, exciting to be forced to spend money. I tend to be really good at saving and not so good at spending...(even when I need to).


Jennie and Dalin Nelson said...

i love that idea. sounds like so much fun

Jonathan Whitaker said...

Your right you look exactly like the Native Americans. Complete with no smiles whatsoever.

That sounds fun.

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