Monday, August 11, 2008

Officially a Tanner!

This last Saturday Grant and I were married for time and all eternity in the Boise Idaho temple! It was certainly a long day but other than having tired feed and being sick of taking pictures it was so perfect! Everything we planned, (or really didn't plan because my mom did mostly everything) was great. Our families were both able to make it and we had a great time remembering old memories and creating new ones. Thanks to everyone who did so much to help make this the best day of our lives!! Hooray for being a Tanner!!!

Our first dance as husband and wife. Grant had some hidden dance skills...

Us and our parents

Pictures taken from Lauren and Jill-- thanks-- we didn't take any pictures of our own so we have to steal from everyone else :)


Bekah said...

Congratulations Kelsey and Grant!!! :-) We're so happy for both of you!! P.S we have a wedding gift for you... where should we send it?

Love, Bekah Paredes

Jody said...

Congrats!! It was great seeing you two at the reception- Kelsey, you looked beautiful! I like your blog- looks like we have the same taste- see what I mean at Enjoy married life!

Kaldawg said...

WOO HOO!!! i love you two together. it's just so so great. :)

Tyson and Courtney said...

I found your blog of Lindsay's and I love all the pictures! Congrats on getting married! You looked absolutely stunning! Love your dress!

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