Saturday, May 30, 2009

Medieval Times

Last night we went to Medieval Times! It was in Dallas at a huge "castle" with a moat & drawbridge and everything. We showed up early so we were sure to get good seats.

When we walked in we got crowned and were told to cheer for the green knight. Of course, the green knight turned out the be the bad guy... but at least he didn't look like a woman like one of the other knights did...

It was pretty sweet! There was real jousting and fighting with swords and giant axes and one of those sticks with a pokey ball at the end (I have no idea what it's called). They also had a bunch of horses that did tricks and looked like they were dancing. We also had some great food- Tomato bisque soup, garlic bread, roasted chicken, spare rib, herb potato and an apple pie thing. Of course, we ate it all with our hands and it was really good!

In addition, we felt like to be ready for the evening we had to be dressed right! Rob and I went to Joanne's and Target and put together these outfits before we left. Pretty much we won the costume contest-- we even looked better than the Girl Scout Troop that wore princess dresses. Yeah... it was that good.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jousting, Laundry, and much much more!

This weekend my brother Robbie is in town! In addition to checking out various parts of the city, we're going to the Medieval Times dinner! It is a medieval setting dinner inside a "castle" where you eat with your hands and watch a two hour show where "privileged royal guests are transported to faraway lands including a romantic snowy rendezvous in the woods and an authentic medieval tournament -- with the help of Hollywood-caliber special effects, of course." We are pretty excited.

As far as Tanner family updates in general, Grant's job is going great! You can check out his bio here. I also got a job teaching dance and directing dance companies at Pat Riddle School of Dance! I start summer classes in a few weeks and I'm way excited! Otherwise we've been spending time putting our house together. We now have a washer and dryer, internet and a giant sectional that looked a lot smaller in the store... :)

I have also been reading a lot, mostly about WWII. If you're looking for a good book- check out these: The Zookeeper's Wife, The Great Starvation Experiment, Shanghai Diary, The Pianist, or Refuge Denied.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Diving Into Dallas

First off, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to our wonderful and amazing Moms! We love you and are ever grateful for you.

Dallas has been great so far. We have enjoyed some yummy Texas BBQ, a nicer but more expensive apartment, a crazy freeway system, and some very nice people. We spent some time this weekend visiting the downtown area. There is Chipotle here if you were wondering - that makes me happy! Friday afternoon Kelsey and I went to The Sixth Floor Museum. JFK was shot from the open window on the right of this picture (you can kinda see it).
It was a cool museum, very insightful and cool to peer into that piece of American history. We also checked out some other Dallas sights. Here is what the Metroplex looks like:
We haven't quite got the feel of the downtown area yet, but we definitely felt like a minority down there.

So my job starts tomorrow. Here is where I will be working in Colleyville:
We'll continue to keep you all posted.

Monday, May 4, 2009

We're Texans!

After thirty hours on the road we finally made it!! Here are a few highlights from our new adventures:

1. We get lost ALL THE TIME!! There are no mountains to help with navigation and there are a lot (and I mean A LOT) of freeways. We borrowed my friend Caitlin's GPS and hopefully that will help us a bit.

2. Stoplights are sideways...

3. We really like our new ward. Everyone has been very friendly and welcoming and it will be fun and different to be in a family ward now.

4. Our apartment has some serious upgrades from Wymount Terrace: drywall, real door frames (for Grant's Iron Gym), a big bedroom and bathroom, an actual dining room, washer/dryer hookups, and a dishwasher. We're stoked!

5. Real life is more expensive than Provo life. We cannot shop at Buy Low anymore... although there is a Walmart fairly close! (We haven't yet figured out how to get there...)

6. Life is always fun when you're with the one you love!! (Even if you're always lost and live among a sea of boxes)

7. We are so happy and excited!!!!